Policies and Terms For Our TurnKey Exhibit Rentals

Our policies and terms are part of our partnership in ensuring a great exhibit rental experience. Please pay attention to the following. Orders placed assume acceptance of the following:

Installation, dismantle, & shipping are included in our pricing. Not included are show charges for Material Handling, Electrical, Rigging, and labor for merchandising. Visit ImageDesignExhibitRentals for a wide array of inline and island exhibit options.

White-Glove Show Services Coordination:

Our fee for coordinating ALL Show Services and forms is billed at 20%. Industry-standard is 35%-50% including labor. Labor is already included in our pricing.

Payment in full is due upon receipt of your invoice. Payment for Double Decks can be divided in half or thirds, balance due 10 days before the opening of the Advance Warehouse. 

In order to avoid credit card fees, we accept prompt payment by  ACH, Wire transfer or Company check with order.

Credit Card Payments: All orders paid with a VISA  will incur a non-refundable 3% Convenience Fee; American Express 5%.

Design time is billed at $125 hr. and credited 75% when you order. ($31.35 hr.) N/C for placing your production-ready graphics on a final design.

• 10 x 10 exhibits are often accomplished simply by selecting the exhibit that works best for you from our large design selection. 
• 10 x 20 exhibits receive the first 2 hours free.
• Island exhibits receive the first 5 hours free.

Rush Charges –  Exhibit: Lead times are calculated from the first day of the Advance Warehouse opening date. Rush charges apply to orders that have not been finalized and/or payment received. 

• Double Decks $50k and less: Minimum 60 day lead time. 10% rush fee at 40 days, 15% at 30 days, 30% less than 30 days, if we accept the project.

• Double decks priced over $50k: Minimum 90 day lead time. 10%rush fees are billed at 60 days, 20% at 30 days, if we accept the project.

•In-line and island exhibits: Minimum 60 day lead time. 5% rush charges at 45 days, 10% at 30 days, 20% at 30 days, if we accept the project.

Rush Charges – Graphics: Production-ready art for graphics is due at a minimum of 3 weeks before the opening of the Advance Warehouse. Larger Double Decks; 4 weeks. A 5% rush charge is assessed for each week short of that.

Refund Policy: If the exhibitor opts to cancel out of the show but the show proceeds as scheduled, or we have already shipped to the Advance Warehouse, we cannot offer a refund beyond the actual cost install/dismantle labor time not expended at the show.

If the Show cancels the event 30  days prior to opening day, refunds will be made in full less the cost of graphics if produced, the cost of allocating and pulling inventory plus 10%, minimum $2000. Any design credit applied toward the full invoice amount will not apply.

Graphics Requirements:

100% output ready artwork must be received according to the schedule above. It must be accurately formatted according to the graphic size and location key we provide. (Download from our website for standard designs. Perfect resolution requires 150 dpi at print size, 2″ bleed on fabric graphics. Name your files according to the graphic key). NOTE: Incorrect or incomplete artwork received automatically incurs a minimum $100 per file cost with some exceptions, per our policy. This covers our additional costs for the many people involved. Artwork preparation by Image Design will be billed at $125 per hour, $50 minimum. We provide pre-production proofs for your review.

Required Show Forms (In Exhibitor Manual) should be provided within 5 days of the date order is placed:

• Show provided “Quick facts” with due dates.

• EAC (Exhibitor Appointed Contractor) Information to enter Black Tie Promotions, 13072 SW Morningstar Dr, Tigard, OR 97223. Phone 800-261-8126• Sample Insurance Certificate (COI) we must provide. (These vary from show to show). Some shows require that you enter these into your show services portal.

• Tell us Electric Floor Plan requirements using the floor plan we provide for standard designs on our website. We will indicate the number of amps required and return the form to you, completed correctly.
• Proof of credit card on file with the Show for services they bill.


We appreciate your cooperation in following our policies which allow us to provide excellent, cost-effective and personal service!

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