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Contemporary trade show exhibit rental design for 20 ft island booth space

Island Booth Exhibits

We provide turnkey exhibit management for clients with multiple shows in different booth sizes as shown on Turnkey Trade Show Exhibit Rentals. For two story exhibits, Double Deck Exhibit Rentals features a wide range of two-story exhibits. Both websites include multiple views and published, itemized pricing that includes transportation and labor in a single pre-show invoice. You’ll save the high cost of an initial investment, achieve the ability to set a fixed budget, and eliminate much of the sometimes complex show services coordination we provide. Learn more about our trade show exhibit and display product offerings.

two story exhibits

Over the last 25 years, Image Design and Communications, Inc., has changed with the times and evolved in response to a changing marketplace as all companies must. We now focus on Turnkey Rentals, which includes fixed, pre-show pricing for transportation and labor because we believe this is where we can offer the greatest benefits to our clients. In addition to single-level exhibit rentals, we have a substantial inventory of modular Double Deck components at our Las Vegas warehouse, which enables us to provide decks of all sizes. Please visit our Double Deck section and view the photos in our galleries!



10 ft. and 20 ft. Displays

25 years ago, Image Design and Communications, Inc. expanded into larger exhibit properties, building on the founder’s previous 12 years of industry experience in portable and modular display manufacturing. Along the way, we developed our expertise in smaller exhibits. Today, we offer a wide range of 10 ft. and 20 ft. displays with state-of-the-art design flexibility that comes with a full understanding of modularity, using a variety of materials and techniques. We’ve brought together a sophisticated awareness of design and functionality that enables us to create displays completely customized to suit our client’s needs.

Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

The ability to arrive at the show floor set up and ready to go and walk away when the show is done is both cost-saving and convenient. You receive premium service at a competitive cost. We provide a wide range of two-story exhibit rentals starting at $27,000, including transportation and set up and dismantle labor! Learn more about cost savings when renting a double deck exhibit. Graphics are reasonably priced, and we store them at N/C between shows. View our Double Deck Exhibit Gallery. View our Outdoor Trade Show Double Decks

10-ft-x-20_-trade-show-booth-design-with-open-floor-plan-and-extra-large-graphic-spaceExhibit Designs for 10 ft. and 20′ Booth Spaces.

We offer over 30 customized stock designs to meet various client requirements! Options include Slatwall, workstations, and a variety of meeting space options. Some designs offer flat-screen options and extra storage space, an important need for most exhibitors. View our 10 x 10 Gallery of exhibit designs for great design ideas. New 10 x 20 exhibit designs include custom backlighting.

Island Booth Designs

Our island exhibit designs steal the show at a range of prices. Many offer 15-ft. heights for extra visibility, which is so important in Las Vegas trade show venues. Open, inviting booth space designs, semi-enclosed areas for showroom presentations, product display shelves, Slatwall, and various other design options provide the solutions exhibitors need. View our 20 x 20 exhibit designs.

Double Deck Rentals Los

Over 100 Custom Exhibit Designs with Turnkey pricing and an itemized list of primary and enhanced options with furniture and custom features will be found. This is a revolutionary online resource for exhibitors because it provides detailed price and spec information. We offer several staircase and deck configurations to suit all booth space layouts! No one else includes full-spec and priced designs! 

Please view our full trade show exhibit rentals for all booth sizes here. We offer various styles featuring backlit graphics, workstations, storage, meeting spaces, and more! Visit us here to see all the different looks you can achieve with us! We store your graphics between shows so you only pay for graphics when you update them for subsequent shows.

At Image Design and Communications, we understand the many facets of practical Trade Show Exhibit Design. We start with the philosophy that form follows function. We exceed your trade show marketing and sales objectives by listening and collaborating with you as part of your company team. This is the foundation of a successful Trade Show Exhibit! We appreciate your taking the time to get to know us. We’re Building Relationships Through Design!

What our Clients are Saying About Us

image design & communications testimonial - rotocraft
“We are so pleased with the exhibit and have received overwhelming compliments on the design.”

Rotocraft Inc.

“We are extremely satisfied with the quality of your products and really appreciate the caliber of your organization.”

Global CTI Group

“Our trade show booth and design would not have won the ‘Best of Show’ award had it not been for your creative techniques.”

Power Lift

“They are very professional and moderately priced. I would recommend them highly.”

ATM Money Machine, Inc.

These are testimonials from all Divisions of Image Design and Communications, Inc. We offer trade show displays and graphics as well as larger linear and island exhibits, such as 40’ x 50’ Two-Story Double Decks. Please visit if you want to make a splash for that one big show a year!

Image Design and Communications has been serving exhibitors with professional services since 1999. Custom Turnkey Rentals with fixed pricing have become our core area because of the exceptional value over purchase for many exhibitors. Our Las Vegas location enables us to work efficiently! We continue to offer high-quality portable displays on Displays On The Net.