in 1999

Turnkey Service

All costs included in price

Leading Provider

of Trade Show Exhibits


in 1999

Turnkey Service

All costs included in price

Leading Provider

of Trade Show Exhibits

30+ Years Experience
in Trade Show Exhibits

By listening and collaborating with you as a part of your company team,
all of your trade show marketing and sales objectives are exceeded.

We're Leaders in the Trade
Show Exhibit Industry

At Image Design and Communications, we understand the
many facets of effective Trade Show Exhibit Design.

We’re Building Relationships
Through Design!

Our 30 years of industry experience has enabled us
to form unique partnerships to make your trade show
experience easier and more effective.

The Image Design Difference

We specialize in trade show exhibit rentals in Las Vegas for all booth sizes including Double Deck Exhibits. View our newest portable trade show displays at DisplaysOnTheNet, our portable division!

Spacex SX2040 R2 two-story booth

Exhibit Rentals

Proofs for all graphics are provided prior to production for all sales and exhibit rentals. Rental exhibits and displays include one pre-show invoice that includes all transportation, installation and dismantle costs. No post-show budget surprises! Let our 30 years of broad-based trade show exhibit experience create an exhibiting program tailor made for your unique needs year round. We’ll work with you to find the best solution to your trade show marketing needs!

Sales-Designer Line F Series 20ft. Modular Exhibit Design 11 trade show idea

Portable display sales and more

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TensionLite Plus 10 ft. Wave Shape Mural Wall Design

Professional Show Services support

We provide intuitive professional service that feels like a breath of fresh air for companies with one large show a year or a mix of 10 shows in different sizes. We flight check all production art and provide pre-production proofs for all graphics. Electric Layout diagrams required for larger exhibits are provided at N/C. We also provide photographic quality renderings with your graphics for all Modular exhibits, including rentals. If you wish, we will cost-effectively manage your yearlong trade show exhibit marketing program nationwide,

Specialists in Las Vegas Trade Show Rentals

Our Las Vegas location serves our exhibit and display rental clients. We’ve focused more and more of our resources to busy Las Vegas Exhibit Market. We rent a large variety of customized exhibits and displays for all booth sizes.

Double Deck Exhibits from Image Design

Essentially you’ll walk on to the trade show floor with your exhibit set up and waiting to go to work for you. When the show is over, your graphics are protected safely in our shipping crates and returned to our warehouse, ready to go for your next show.

Renting a Turnkey Two Story Custom Exhibit from Image Design means that your transportation, set up and dismantle costs are fixed. Regardless of whether the show has your set up / tear down scheduled for partial time and half overtime or weekend double time, you have the peace of mind knowing that you’ll stay in budget.

Custom Double Deck and In-Line Exhibit Rentals In Las Vegas

The ability to arrive at the show floor set up and ready to go and walk away when the show is done is both cost saving and convenient. You receive premium service at a competitive cost. We provide  a wide range of two story exhibit rentals starting at $27,000 which includes transportation along with set up and dismantle labor! Graphics are reasonably priced and we store them at N/C between shows.

Our 10 ft and 20 ft Display Rental Designs

We offer over 30 customized stock designs to meet a variety of client requirements! Options include Slatwall, workstations and a variety of meeting space options. Some designs offer flat screen options combined with  extra storage space, an important requirement for most exhibitors.

Island Rental Designs – The cost effective Las Vegas Exhibit Rental Solution

Our island exhibit designs really steal the show in a wide range of prices. Many offer 15 ft. heights for extra visibility, so important in Las Vegas trade show venues. Open, inviting booth space designs, semi-enclosed areas for showroom presentations, product display shelves, slatwall and a host of other design options provide the solutions exhibitors need.

Full TurnKey Trade Show Exhibit and Display Rental advantages

In addition to sales of Portable and Modular Displays and Exhibits, we can provide a host of logistical support functions for our trade show exhibit clients. If you wish, we will cost-effectively manage your yearlong trade show exhibit marketing program nationwide. Products and services range from 10’ x 10’ to larger indoor/outdoor shows in Las Vegas and other venues. Click below for more information.

Lightweight portable Trade Show Displays

Our Portable Displays website provides a wealth of options in both portable and modular displays. We focus on high quality printed fabric and  aluminum hardware that together, provide stunning graphic messaging. We’ve selected the best display designs to maximize your dollars while providing the look you need for a memorable message.

Our main product line is TensionLite Plus Displays, which come in a variety of styles. More sophisticated  designs are available in our DesignerLine Lite and DesignerLine F series. You’ll be pleasantly surprised  at the  wide range of exhibiting solutions we offer!

What are the Benefits of our Turnkey Service?

Save Time

with our vast industry experience

With over 30 years experience in the trade show industry, you can bet we’ve seen it all.

Save Money

with our all inclusive pricing structure

No surprises with our service. You’ll know the complete cost before making a decision.

Save Headaches

trade shows can be confusing and frustrating

Our knowledgeable staff can help you with almost questions and situations that arise.

Our TurnKey Service includes all transportation and labor costs. These are the two most common sources of cost overruns. This lets you set a fixed budget for the show and stick to it! The only expense left for you is Material Handling and Electric which is billed by the show. We can assist you with Show Services Forms as needed.

We provide exact costs or very close estimates on our websites for all of our products. You have the ability to look at your options, get design ideas and know beforehand what things cost! We think this is the most efficient, straightforward way of doing business.

With 30 years of Industry Experience, our Family of Specialty Websites provide Professional Solutions from Portable Trade Show Displays to Single Level in-line and Island Booth Spaces, to Two Story, Multi-Level Double Deck Sales and Rentals.

What our Clients are Saying About Us

image design & communications testimonial - rotocraft
“We are so pleased with the exhibit and have received overwhelming compliments on the design.”

Rotocraft Inc.

“We are extremely satisfied with the quality of your products and really appreciate the caliber of your organization.”

Global CTI Group

“Our trade show booth and design would not have won the ‘Best of Show’ award had it not been for your creative techniques.”

Power Lift

“They are very professional and moderately priced. I would recommend them highly.”

ATM Money Machine, Inc.

These are testimonials from all Divisions of Image Design and Communications, Inc. We offer trade show display and graphics as well as larger linear and island exhibits as large as 40’ x 50’ Two Story Double Decks. Please visit if you really want to make a splash for that one big show a year!

About Image Design & Communications

Image Design and Communications, Inc., offers a full range of trade show exhibit styles at every price point. Available product categories are shown on our our family of specialty websites, each focused on a specific category of trade show displays. We bring over 30 years of experience to the table along with the kind of long term industry affiliations that give us unique advantages nationwide.

“In the process of developing the most effective trade show exhibit design with you, we come to establish a relationship that benefits both of us. In the end, the closer we come to understanding the unique aspects of our client company’s offerings enabling us to create the correct presence for you on the convention floor.” Read more about Image Design and Communications.

– Nick Drance
Image Design & Communications

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At Image Design and Communications, we understand the the many facets of effective Trade Show Exhibit Design. We start out with the philosophy that form follows function. By listening and collaborating with you as a part of your company team, all of your trade show marketing and sales objectives are exceeded. This is the foundation of a successful Trade Show Exhibit!

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