Multi Level Booth Rental | ON5040 Upper LeftMulti Level Booth Rental | ON5040 - Upper Lower

The ON5040 multi level rental booth presents a powerful image

Our ON5040 multi level booth rental is an advanced design that features a large center deck flanked by two extended height side decks providing 3 distinct areas for meeting space, lounges, coffee service, and more. Two staircases with 90 degree landings lead to the second level. Downstairs you’ll find a massive open layout ready for walls, kiosks, and product placement areas designed to your specific needs. There are storage closets under each landing, a real advantage on the tradeshow floor.

Four huge curved billboard signs welcome attendees to your booth. The closet walls offer great graphic spaces and the stairs can have printed graphics on the risers to create the impression of a continuous image. The back of the exhibit is an excellent opportunity for a huge wall mural.

Deciding to rent a double deck exhibit is similar to switching from an inline booth to an island exhibit. A TRIPLE deck exhibit puts you in another league on the show floor. Become a destination for exhibit attendees rather than simply another booth!

Our double and triple deck multi level booth rentals are designed to meet not just your marketing needs but also the needs and requirements for tradeshows in all major US venues. Image Design and Communications is dedicated to making your tradeshow experience the best it can be. With a display this expansive, we will help you get the most out of your space and your marketing dollar.

Multi Level Booth Rental | ON5040 Lower Left Multi Level Booth Rental | ON5040 Lower Right
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 MULTI LEVEL BOOTH RENTAL | ON5040 Left Variation A MULTI LEVEL BOOTH RENTAL | ON5040 Variation A Upper RightMULTI LEVEL BOOTH RENTAL | ON5040 Variation A Lower RIght

ON5040 Variation A

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ON5040 Variation B



  • Structural truss system
  • Stairs
  • Wall frames and doors
  • Rails
  • Deck boards
  • Lights, ceilings
  • 1/4” frosted plex rail and wall infills
  • Unprinted sintra infills and wall panels
  • 2 Stairways with 90 degree landing
  • Ceiling with Telescopic Lights
Call or email for pricing on other exhibit customizations such as lighting effects, storage rooms, additional graphics & signage, and anything else you might want!



  • Column mount workstations – $380 / each
  • Rectangle designer counters w/ shelf and graphics – $1,145 / each
  • 4-shelf lit racks – $280 / each
  • Laptop shelves – $220 / each
  • Column mount swivel LCD mounts – $175
  • Column mount fixed LCD mounts – $150
  • 6’ straight sign w/ graphic and 2 lights – $1,474
  • LCD mount – $350 / each
  • Coffee table – $1,008 / each
  • 9’ long coffee bar w/ graphics – $3,306 / each
  • 5’ side table w/ shelf – $1,310 / each
  • Graphics Package A | Upper signage: $5616
  • Graphics Package B | Lower signage: $324
  • Graphics Package C | Upper and Lower Signage: $5940
  • All packages include infill columns in 12 standard color

trade-show-truss-colorsCustom colors available on all Purchased Displays.

If you choose to purchase rather than rent, color options are available for truss, counters and slat wall.

Click here to view a gallery of standard customization options available for rentals and purchases