New DesignerLine series custom portable trade show booth designs from Image Design

Easy to use trade show booth displays actually require engineering and the best ones incorporate a high level of industrial design talent. The DesignerLine Series illustrates state of the art development, providing custom looks with lightweight, easy to set up portability. 10′ x 20′ DesignerLine Classic custom modular display

Just because a 20′ exhibit packs in four UPS-able cases doesn’t mean it needs to look ordinary.  Sleek contemporary design is made even better when it’s a relatively lightweight design one or two people can set up in your booth space. Choose from three custom color tension fabric shapes and 20 different colors to match the design to your business exactly.

The quality is in the details

Packing is perfectly organized. Years ago this look would require wood and crates. Today it ships in four UPS cases.

We love the use of graphic murals, frosted plex, tension fabric and aluminum that combine to create a beautiful cutting edge architectural look. Show your sophistication to your client and take a bold step into the future with DesignerLine trade show booth designs!

Graphic Specs | DesignerLine Classic 10×20


Download tear-sheet | DesignerLine Classic 10×20

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