Trade show exhibits and displays for SHOT 2021 in Las Vegas

Purchase or rental trade show exhibits and displays for SHOT 2021 makes smart dollars and sense. We offer a wide range of  Portable display booths available for purchase.  Our 10 x 10 exhibit rental designs provide excellent value with an array of product display options including slat wall. Our 10 x 20 inline displays provide numerous options for large than life graphics, product display and meeting areas. Island booth options in 20 ft and and larger provide exceptional value, with heights as tall as 15′.   We specialize in Double Deck Exhibit rentals that provide fantastic cost savings!

Turnkey pre-show pricing includes transportation, set up and dismantle labor! We assist with graphic design and show services as well! Graphics are stored at N/C between shows. Costs for Double Deck exhibit rentals in Las Vegas can break the bank but our turnkey rentals let you set a budget and cap your costs in advance.

Lightweight portable displays

This is one show where it’s really important to present your message in a professional, credible manner. Our portable displays use the latest in lightweight aluminum structures combined with high resolution printed fabric. We offer a range of displays from basic to sophisticated designs. TensionLite Plus incorporates product displays and flat screen presentation capability. Exhibitors in island booth spaces also have a range of options including towering entrance arches that are also perfect as a centerpiece. These type of exhibits are also great for island booth spaces. Both feature your focused trade show graphic design for effective messaging.


Trade Show island booth display ideas combine trade show graphics and impressive exhibit designs.

Portable Modular display ideas

Exhibit design in the trade show industry has really evolved. Portable modular displays like the Custom V Series, now feature the benefits of portability combined with custom design features. Eye catching 3d Designs provide an excellent way to organize messaging points and branding.

Custom exhibits are traditionally made with Formica laminated wood construction. Those same design features like architectural arch headers, are now available in a portable format. DesignerLine Lite features great looking exhibit designs that help you stand out on the trade show floor.



Display designs that feature slat wall and flat screens

Whether you need to display products or convey your services on a flat screen, today’s new designs provide great options. The DesignerLine F Series combines the strength of lightweight aluminum and high-quality fabric printing. The result is a handsome and effective presence on the trade show floor. Reconfigurations to 10 ft. booth spaces is a given with all of these modular display designs. Eye catching backlighting and 3D design features also provide a custom look!





Turnkey rentals feature updated display ideas for 20 ft booth spaces

Over the years, a number of companies have discovered the cost effectiveness of Turnkey Trade Show Exhibit Rentals. Turnkey pricing includes transportation to and from the show along with set up and dismantle labor. Graphics are stored at no charge in between shows!

Some designs feature truss in a new way. The strength of truss allows longer spans to help 20 ft booth size displays increase visibility. Show legal towers placed near the aisle can support messaging visible from a distance. Form follows function in beautifully executed designs.



Turnkey island booth design rentals

Trade show rental displays no longer look like rentals. We customize our rentals so your design has it’s own unique look. Custom design elements provide modern exhibits with clean contemporary styling. The ability to walk onto the show floor ready to sell, without the hassle of purchase, storage, shipping and managing all show services can make a big difference! 20 x 20 and larger Island exhibit rental designs offer exceptional value for savvy exhibitors.


Double Deck exhibit rentals

Nothing stands out more on the trade show floor than a two-story exhibit. The additional visibility and meeting space often prove to be a wise investment. Turnkey rentals that include labor take the guess work out of trade show budgets. The cost of renting a double deck varies by size with some designs starting at $25,000 for a basic 20 x 20 island including transportation and labor. Larger or more sophisticated exhibits cost more but in either case, the cost of purchase and storage is impractical for many companies, especially if they are only used for one show per year. The biggest challenge for exhibitors who want a Double Deck exhibit is the initial purchase cost and complexity of managing set up labor. Labor costs can easily reach $200 hr. or more and the complexity of Double Decks can easily throw a trade show budget out of whack due to set up problems. A turnkey double deck exhibit rental with fixed, pre-show costing, make sense for many companies.


More great single level trade show display rental values!

10 x 10 Display rentals

Take a look at these 10 ft. exhibit designs to see the wide range of capabilities available. Custom graphics complete the design. Our exhibit rentals don’t look like rentals at all! The IM1 design maximizes space with contemporary design.

10 x 20 Exhibit rentals

We offer really great eye catching exhibit designs in larger size spaces. The ability to use large seamless printed fabric graphics in designs that have large mural areas gives quite an impressive look! The SHA1020 design features large than life mural messaging.

20 x 20 and larger island booth rentals

One of the advantages of using our modular structures is that they have the ability to have exhibit designs that are open, inviting AND achieve height at the same time. We want you to be visible from across the trade show floor!. Some designs allow spectacular back lighting for your logo or product images. Renting an island exhibit is just about the most cost-effective way to make an impression on the show floor! The COV2020 is a great cost effective island design.

Modular Trade Show Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

Our new line of IM exhibit designs was inspired by clients who wanted a different look on the show floor. The Imagine Modular series provides a great custom look in a variety of design types. The IM29 island booth design offers an effective workstation layout.

SHOT Show has made special provisions due to Covid in order to make the 2021 show a great success!

View Interactive Floor plans

NSSF and OSG Announce Unprecedented SHOT Show Media Partnership

NSSF and Outdoor Sportsman Group are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will generate an unprecedented level of media coverage and promotion for the 2021 SHOT Show and its exhibitors. With support from NSSF, owner and organizer of the annual SHOT Show, OSG will harness the industry-leading content-creation capability and subject-matter expertise of its 12 hunting and shooting brands to produce and market the exclusive “SHOT Show New Product Premiere.” This comprehensive multimedia initiative will provide organizations an unparalleled opportunity to inform outdoor-sports enthusiasts worldwide on the latest developments in firearms, shooting and hunting products and services through OSG’s renowned broadcast, digital, social and print outlets.

Hotel and Travel

“In partnership with onPeak, we’ve secured discounted rates at a selection of Las Vegas hotels. Through onPeak we’re able to offer you convenient and affordable options for your trip to 2021 SHOT Show. onPeak is the only hotel provider endorsed by 2021 SHOT Show, and we encourage you to book through them early for the best selection and price.”