How to reduce your Trade Show Services Costs

We can provide a host of logistical support functions for our trade show exhibit clients. Logistics like Show Services, Transportation, Labor are all taken care of for you using our specialized trade show freight carriers and private Union Labor affiliates in most cities across the US. Arranging Show Services can be time consuming and an easy source for cost overruns. We can minimize the chances for that while maintaining cost efficiency along the way. 

Lower your Installation and Dismantle Union Labor Display Costs

Our client’s enjoy long lasting relationships with us based on performance and trust.  In many cases that’s because we enjoy the same type of professional level relationships with Trade Show Industry Suppliers. Our private union labor crews are professionals that take a personal interest in your success. We want to earn your repeat business and the best way to do that is provide great service. Freeman and GES do an amazing job setting up for shows day after day but our providers often work with repeat clients or new Image Design and Communications clients. We coordinate with each other by providing clear set up instructions, show services scheduling and coordination and great lines of communication. This makes the whole process work so much more smoothly when you’re working  with the same team from show to show…for both of us!

Reduce your Trade Show Transportation costs

We have great rates but sometimes, like in a lot of things, the lowest rate is not the best rate. If your trade show freight gets lost or delayed it causes a problem each step of the way after it arrives at the Convention Center Loading  Dock. Overtime rates for Material Handling and Labor can run into the tens of thousands for larger exhibits. Obviously, lost exhibit crates can cost the entire show! Our freight is carried nationwide by specialists in our industry. We know where our freight is as it travels cross country and what time the driver shows up at the Marshaling Yard. It’s all about timing and the ability to stick to schedules. We can also provide warehousing in major cities across the country. This alone can save thousands on transporting freight back and forth to the same location before each show!

Show Services provided by Freeman and GES

Services like Electrical, Material Handling, sometimes Carpet and Rigging for hanging signs can also incur huge additional costs if they are not ordered on time and scheduled correctly. If your Electric is not down and your exhibit arrives for set up they can’t lay the carpet or start the set up. That’s another place where delays can throw you into overtime rates that might be as much as $400 hr if you have a couple guys scheduled. The show encourages advance rate ordering to enable themselves to schedule things and if you miss those deadlines, they charge more. The need to because often times late orders necessitate hand carried goods and on demand services that can wreak havoc on the show floor.

Renting your Trade Show Display is the best way to reduce costs!

Our Trade Show Rental websites; Double Deck Exhibit Rentals and Truss Rental Displays both offer Turnkey pricing so you know exactly what you’re going to spend! We are the only exhibit source that has complete published costing and itemization. We have one price for the structure rental, various graphic packages and our Double Deck Exhibit pricing is shown with and without furniture and accessories. Rental prices range from just over $2,000 to well over $150,000. In many cases we assist clients with their one big show per year and handle several smaller shows with smaller exhibits. In addition to fixed costing, we’ll store your graphics in between shows at no additional cost.

Creative Services

In addition to designing exceptional exhibit structures, we create unique and effective trade show exhibits, graphics, and layouts that promote your Corporate Identity in a memorable way.  Please read on to learn more!


At Image Design, our professional designers understand the real importance of Trade Show Graphics. It’s a different medium. Our expertise in billboard style graphics, laser cuts, backlighting and a host of other special effect treatments make for a powerful presentation. We understand that your Image on the show floor needs to represent a strong image of who you are, what you offer along with your quality standards.

Design Services

Image Design combines high quality products and unique materials to put you ahead of the pack. Our professional Trade show Design Services provide you with clear branding, corporate ID and the appropriate associations for your product’s image. Smart Exhibit Design can create the flexibly to make your investment really work hard for you, show after show. It’s all about quality!

Portable Trade Show Displays and Hanging Signs

Abex, Optima, Orbus portable and modular display suppliers

Image Design has partnered with the oldest most advanceAbex Display Systems and it’s affiliates as an Official Distributor for the “Best of Show” Exhibit Systems. As the Premiere Producer of Quality State-of-the Art Trade Show Exhibits, Abex leads the way in Industrial Design and Manufacturing expertise. Abex products are well known across the US and Europe for cutting edge design!
Our Lightweight Portable Convention Displays and Custom Modular Trade Show Exhibits provide design and configuration flexibility along with ease of set-up. Our products are unique in many ways with regard to the way the Exhibit Systems are built, packed and how they set up on the trade show floor. Reduced labor, drayage and shipping expenses translate into substantial cost savings to you. Yes, you can reduce your exhibit budget and significantly increase your presence at the show.

Industry Exclusive Packing and Setup Instructions for Portable Displays

Number One Packing

All of our Portable Displays ship in in above industry standard containers. This is an important distinction. Other alternatives use non-roto-molded cases or top loading crates with make it difficult to lift components out and more difficult to identify parts needed during the set up. Each Modular component is labeled, which enables your set up crew to immediately identify specific panels according to the location in the exhibit.This format provides the most organized setup process in the industry.

Setup Instructions

Heres some show specific information to help you get a jump start:
NAMM OneShow

Set-up instructions with an amazing amount of detail enable set-up crews to visualize each step of the set up. Floor plan views, side views by level and perspective views of the the exhibit are provided. The location of each individual system panel, sequentially numbered is referenced on the drawings. Two cross reference guides enable your setup crew to locate in which shipping container a specific panel is located. And during tear down, an additional list identifies the location to repack each panel. There is no other system on the market that is this well organized and for that reason, fast to set up.