Tension Fabric Display Designs

New techniques in design lets us use tension fabric trade show displays that create a contemporary look with the added benefit of reduced weight and fast set up. Today, the use of tension fabric in display design goes far beyond traditional trade show hanging signs. Spectacular graphic design and exceptional ultra high resolution printing provides larger than life murals for towers, walls in all shapes and sizes.  We offer a wide range of plain and printed tension fabrics for trade shows and special events using the newest fabrication techniques to develop flexible, reconfigurable solutions. We can blend a number of different structural components with fabric structures to create the perfect custom tension fabric design to create the look that’s customized to deliver your message in a memorable way. The design possibilities are endless.

Fabric Walls for Trade Shows and Special Events

Some of our printed mural walls utilize custom aluminum extrusion frames to create super size murals designed to be hung on walls..as large as 30 ft long x 10′ tall. Smaller sizes are often used for Corporate Lobby Murals that depict a company’s products and services. Other applications include custom fabrication techniques that allow us to attach fabric murals to our uniquely designed truss structures with exceptional fit and finish. This method is perfect for creating large structures using truss, skinned with fabric. The traditional alternative would weight thousands of pounds and cost thousands of dollars more..to the point where it wouldn’t be economically feasible. This is where we help make you shine on the trade show floor.

Suspended fabric walls take advantage of the ability to create large seamless murals with minimal structure. Again, the look can be spectacular and the cost savings immense.

Exhibit Canopies and Ceilings

Larger Island Trade Show booth spaces can maintain a more personal touch by using ceilings to create environments that attract visitors and create more personal style for meeting and gathering areas. Draped fabric ceilings create a soft touch. Tensioned fabric on a suspended truss structure can define a large space and double as an architectural element. Designing with Tension Fabric opens a whole new world of possibilities for you!