Image Design offers two new cutting edge DesignerLine Trade Show Exhibits

Our two new cutting edge Trade Show Exhibits, the DesignerLine Classic and the Cutting Edge DesignerLine Form combine the newest design trends and materials to create a dynamic presence in your trade show booth space. Break away from the pack with high tech sophistication and show everyone on the Trade Show floor you’ve got the Cutting Edge! The DesignerLine Form combines large photo or fabric murals, modular aluminum, and custom acrylic panels. Crisp, clean lines and the best graphics you’ve ever seen set this beautiful display apart, and put your company on the fast track to trade show success! The unique canopy shapes offered by the Classic line are unforgettable. These come in three great shapes with dozens of fabric options, custom laminate counters, frosted plexiglass, or hard graphic panels in several shapes.

DesignerLine Classic

10' DesignerLine Classic20' DesignerLine Classic

The DesignerLine Classic is available in 10′ and 20′ models

Cutting Edge DesignerLine Form

20' DesignerLine Form10' DesignerLine Form 

The DesignerLine Form is available in 10′ and 20′ models

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