landingmain-truss-exhibit-display-okwith exceptional visual and structural advantages!

Whether you have a 10 x 10 or a 40 x 50, Image Design’s Trade Show Truss can be configured to meet your needs. We have pre-designed a number of designs for the most popular display sizes but there is no limitation to what you can build. Many of our larger designs can be broken down to create a couple of smaller kits. You will see a number of our accessories such as shelving or A/V mounts in the kits. Our goal is to help you visualize the many ways to use your display. We truly hope these ideas help you create the best display for you.

Our Truss is an ultimately reconfigurable system. As you increase your display size or change your design, you will typically be able to use all or most of your existing components. This makes our Truss an excellent display investment. You not only create connecting spans between elements but you can create panel opportunities. Through good planning, you can make the most of your budget and your display by an efficient and effective use of graphics, solid panels and maybe even slatwall!

A few advantages to Trade Show Truss Booth Displays from Image Design and Communications, Inc.

  • Tool-less, no separate connector parts
  • Precision US made Quality
  • Unique “Chord” shape that gives us
  • Exclusive specially tailored printed fabric attaching method/ finishing
  • Unique options for photo graphics and custom laminate finishes!
  • SPEED.. Setup and dismantle must be fast and easy and just as important, our products must be able to ship quickly, typically within a few days.
  • SIMPLICITY.. Narrowing down the component list without sacrificing versatility helps the user quickly understand the assembly.
  • STRENGTH.. Displays today quite often require mounting large monitors or hanging heavy products. We build our systems to handle that.. with the durability to last for years.
  • STYLE.. It’s gotta look great. After all, we are in the display industry.

Here are some important points to be aware of.:

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truss_10_ft_trade_show_exhibit_op 10 ft Truss Displays
new_truss_20_ft_design 20 ft Truss Displays
new_truss_20_ft_design Island Booth Displays

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  • Our factory direct installation service is available in Anaheim, Las Vegas and Sands Convention Centers, San Francisco’s Moscone Center and all Bay Area Convention Centers, Chicago’s McCormick Place, Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center. Rental costs in other cities add between 15% and 30% due to additional shipping and supervision costs.
  • We can handle short lead times on display rentals and trade show graphics. We’ll work with you to develop a design that suits your needs perfectly.
  • We provide better, faster, more personal service at a lower cost when you work with us. Why rent a generic type display from the trade show that looks like a rental?
  • Use your imagination! For example, on overhead spans, sometimes the open look truss provides works. Sometimes graphic panels that cover those same long spans create an impressive, longer surface for your tagline and branding statements.
  • ALL wall panel surfaces shown come with either velcro compatible trade show fabric or slat wall.
  • Many options for logo signs and graphics; high resolution fabric graphics, photo murals and back lit logo graphics.
  • Our Turn Key Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Fix your costs on Shipping, Set Up and Tear Down Labor. This can be a real problem in money and time taken away from other critical initiatives.

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