We really shine in Island Trade Show Booth Design by creating compelling exhibits that unilize Modular Design. We offer two kinds of amazing. First, a standout visual presence. Second, exceptional value for your dollar. You can rent a trade show booth in Las Vegas, Chicago, Anaheim and more cities plus, if you have a a smaller booth we can add on to it with our nationwide Union Trade Show Set up Crew trained in the use of our products!
The more you share with us about your needs, the better we can exceed the fulfillment of them.

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truss-trade-show-rental-display qua1020(3) Truss_Trade_Show_Rental_Exhibits-CRS2020-RentView2
DIA2020 QUA2020 CRS2020
4 headers and 12 literature racks. 8 long headers and 12 literature racks. 4 long headers, 16 literature racks
Starting at $12,332
Starting at $7,958
Starting at $8,552
 Truss Trade Show Display  Truss Trade Show Rental Exhibit  Truss Trade Show Exhibit
SAP2020 ALA2020 COV2020
Big tower for ID, with built in counters Multiple segments with rectangular center. Multiple column display.
Starting at $10,256
Starting at $13,082
Starting at $11,669
Rental_Truss_Trade_Show_Booth-PRE2020-PurchView3 Truss_Trade_Show_Display-FRA2020-RentView3  Island Truss Rental Exhibit
PRE2020 FRA2020 COR2020
Arc-shaped truss display with two sturdy arms
for counter space.
Connected structure with curved and
rectangular sections.
Central flat curved tower with unique curved segments.
Starting at $22,568
Starting at $17,967
Starting at $16,236
Truss_Tradeshow_Exhibit_Rental-EME2020-RentView2  Truss Trade Show Display Trade_Show_Truss_Booth_Rental-ASH2020-PurcView1
EME2020 ALC2020 ASH2020
A tower with your logo, always attracts clients,
with a rectangular shaped display
Round square, with great visibility. Multiple segments with curved center.
Starting at $15,693
Starting at $13,082
Starting at $17,689
Island_Truss_Tradeshow_Display-RUB2020-RentView2 Tradeshow_Truss_Rental_Exhibit-PIE2020-RentView3 CHI2020_TC_R1_rev2
RUB2020 PIE2020 CHI2020
A tower, with rectangular sections. Full height slatwalls
-2 Semi Private Walls
-1 large header for ID
-2 double sided tower toppers for product ID
-4 Literature Shelves
Curved tower and curved and rectangular
Starting at $17,689
Starting at $17,689
Starting at $30,405
 sie20203-1  Island_Shelving_Truss_Exhibit-EUR2020-RentView2
HOL2020  SIE2020  EUR2020
4 Double sided 14′ walls

4 Double sided headers

 4 Workstation

Semi private conference room

 Huge semi enclosed exhibit

Excellent for a store-like feel

Starting at $16,790
 Starting at $21,350  Starting at $20,900

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