These newly designed modular exhibits provide handsome custom appearance and stand out looks thanks to State of the Art Engineering and design. Options for this special line of new 10 x 20 displays are quite varied. We offer slat wall, super size murals, shelves, workstations and creatively designed meeting areas and more. The key to success is –  form follows function. Amazing graphic design coupled with exceptional high resolution graphic production will delivery your trade show marketing message with spectacular results. 

Each of these are available as low cost  turn key exhibit and display rentals in Las Vegas, Anaheim, Chicago and more! 

NOTE: Selecting one of the 10 x 20 trade show truss displays will re-direct you to the product listing on our site. Please use the “Back” button on your browser to return to this page.

truss-exhibit-booth-trade-show-display Truss Trade Show Display Turnkey_BAY1020_1
HIL1020 DIA1020 BAY1020
Eye catching, unique Wave shape wall. Attractive, customizable product display Curved center panel with four rectangular panels.
Starting at $4,530
Starting at $4,660
Starting at $4,800
truss-trade-show-display Trade show rental display with shevles for showing products_MONT1020_view3 sha10x20-trade-show-exhibit
SON1020 MONT1020 SHA1020
Dual curved panels with central rectangular section. Rectangular large panel display. Rectangular large panel display with with unique trifold shape.
Starting at $4,800
Starting at $4,920
Starting at $4,920
Trade show display shelving with curved design PAC1020_view3 The MAR1020 Exhibit Rental with 3D mural design Truss_Trade_Show_Display
PAC1020 MAR1020 JAD1020
Dual curved and rectangular panel display. Rectangular panels with curved side panels. Large rectangular panels with surrounding frame, and headers.
Starting at $4,920
Starting at $4,120
Starting at $5,570
Trade show truss booth rental truss-trade-show-exhibit-display
MON1020 NAP1020 POT1020
Large rectangular panel trade showtruss display. Large rectangular panels withsurrounding frame, and headers. Unique shape display with center ID branding panels and background accent panels.
Starting at $4,480
Starting at $4,770
Starting at $4,720
Trade show new idea in clothing and product display design SAL1020_view2    
 All you need is your product and great graphics    
 Starting At: $7,200.00


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